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What we do

Trust us. We've done this before. We've been developing software for two decades for some of the world's largest companies. You're in safe hands.


Whether you want something custom built from scratch or an existing system improved, let's get you properly assessed and understood. Our experts do this for FREE so we can agree on a roadmap and timeframe to achieve what you need.

Design & Build

For us, simplicity in design is key. Our extensive experience across numerous industries eliminates inefficient or overly complex functions. We are business focused technologists, which means we will talk design in a language which best compliments your technical knowhow.

Delivery & Support

We don't just build what you need and throw it at you. Our Implementation Managers ensure that your software is properly set up and running and we won't go until you're happy.


This is just a few examples of solutions we've built...

Identity verification

Identity Verification

A SaaS solution which can verify a user's identity to a high level of assurance. Beyond authentication, this solution can verify the user is exactly who they say they are.

Intelligent search algorithm

Intelligent Search

Changing the way people search for products by suggesting things they like based on an algorithm using their likes and dislikes.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps

Using the latest technology to provide a rich user experience that's consistent across all devices.

High concurrency services

High Concurrency Services

Solutions capable of processing thousands of transactions per second to ensure your data is kept up-to-date.

Merchandising systems

Merchandising Systems

A solution to allow a sales team to manage products from multiple merchants across multiple e-commerce platforms.

Cloud management

Cloud Management

We moved a huge website to the cloud to provide an auto-scaling infrastructure that could satisfy user demand and minimise cost.

How we work

We follow a business focussed lean metholodogy to ensure we only deliver what adds value to your business

  • Step 1

    Strategic vision

    We start with ensuring we all share the same strategic vision for your business. This isn't just for our benefit as stakeholders often have different views. This crucial step is to ensure everyone understands the goal.

  • Step 2

    Identify the Minimum Viable Product

    We can facilitate working with stakeholders to identify what's the absolute minimum amount of work required to validate the business vision.

  • Step 3

    Solution design

    We will work with you to identify the best solution, including the technology and the approach to development, testing and delivery into production.

  • Step 4


    We can build the solution iteratively, demonstrating progress continuously. We automate all the testing and the deployment so it's ready for production at any stage.

  • Step 5

    Monitor, adjust and iterate

    Every solution we build will include monitoring and metrics to ensure the solution is meeting the business vision. This data will be used to adjust, improve and enhance the solution.


We don't assume one pricing model will fit every business and will explore options that will work for you.

Time and materials

The most simple pricing model is you pay for our time and our expenses. Due to the way we work, you'll always be in control of whether to keep us engaged. Our daily rate varies depending on the expertise you need but our average is £1000 per consultant, per day. We only work locally (North West England) so you won't be paying expenses for extensive travel or hotels.

Value based

We're so confident in our solutions we give the option to charge a percentage of the value we deliver to your business. We will offer a bespoke deal for you but as an example, we could charge you nothing up-front and simply ask for 20% of any additional profit you make as a direct result of our solutions.

Equity, IPR retention, PAYG

A great option for startups and smaller companies. We can build your bespoke system in return for equity in your business. Alternatively we could retain the Intellectual Property Rights and charge you an ongoing licence fee whilst we recoup our costs by offering the same solution to other companies. We can also offer a simple monthly fee or per transaction fee for continued usage of our solutions, enabling you to spread the cost.


We love talking about business solutions. Get in touch and we can arrange a call or a meeting to discuss how we can help.